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We could use your support in multiple ways! We welcome financial donations, volunteer time, and ideas for making the National Committee and Alumni Network a meaningful resource for current and future UWC students as well as a growing group of alumni all around the world. We urge you to consider helping in the following ways:

Full UWC Scholarship

A full scholarship covers the entire two year attendance of one UWC scholar. In supporting a scholarship, you will be responsible for giving a young Sierra Leonean an outstanding educational opportunity.

Partial UWC Scholarship

Some colleges are able to provide partial assistance to qualified students to attend their college. By providing a partial scholarship for a Sierra Leonean student, you will be affording them an outstanding educational opportunity.

Students Travel Costs

The cost of travelling to and from most of the UWC’s is high. We welcome any contributions to assist students with travel to UWC’s and for educational trips they will need to make during their time at UWC.

Student Pocket Monies and Subsistence Allowances

Assist deserving students to cover these expenses for the duration of their stay at a UWC or make a contribution towards a student's expenses.

Scholarship Supplement Bursary:

Contribute online to our 3-year fundraising progam. We report on our progress and donations at regular intervals.