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Selection process

  • Students are nominated by the SL UWC National Committee purely based on merit
  • Final approvals however, are given by the UWC
  • The selection process involves an assessment of each student’s academic records, essays, personal references, and interviews

Student Selection Process:

Each year, the UWC offers the National Committee of Sierra Leone a small number of scholarships. The National Committee is responsible for advertising the scholarship, managing the application process and nominating students for the scholarship. Final selection of students is done by the UWCs. Scholarships cover all or part of the required tuition and board. Pocket money and travel costs may/may not be included.

  1. The UWC Sierra Leone National Committee nominates students to the UWC based on applications and an in-person interview and assessment.
  2. Each UWC reserves the right to reject students recommended by the National Committee.
  3. The UWC schools determine the scholarship amounts based on an assessment of the finances of  parents or guardians of nominated students.

Places at UWCs are offered on a very competitive basis. The National Committee values diversity and considers this during our selection process. Excellent BECE results and school report cards are necessary, but not sufficient to be shortlisted, nominated, or selected by the UWC schools.